IT Help Desk Support

Company Name:
Position Type:
Job Title:
Help Desk Support
Reports to:
Chief Systems Architect
Corporate HQ (Manhattan, KS)
Job Overview:
The role of Help Desk Support is to provide a single point of contact for end users to receive support and maintenance within the environment. This position is responsible for installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining and upgrading PC hardware and software to ensure optimal workstation performance. The position will also troubleshoot problem areas in a timely manner by email, person and phone.
Key responsibilities and accountabilities:
Installs, configures, and maintains physical servers and assists in providing network and remote connectivity hardware/software support
Researches and recommends network and server hardware and software
Installs, designs, configures, and maintains system hardware and software on server and workstation platforms
Analyzes and troubleshoots the network logs and tracks the nature and resolution of problems
Installs, supports and maintains physical network servers and appliances
Researches and troubleshoots e-mail problems by reviewing mail logs, records, and network configurations
Provides possible solutions to customer identified problems.
Configures, maintains and troubleshoots the email services
Establishes and monitors Database Maintenance tasks.
Be available to work additional hours during the week after hours and on the weekend with 24-7 on-call status.
Possession of a valid Kansas driver's license
Effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high pressure environment

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